learn to ski with wostawea

In 2019 Wostawea will be offering classic ski lessons for adults and potentially skate ski lessons if there is a demand.

Classic skiing

Adult ski instruction is available for beginners learning classic skiing. This is a great way to learn how to ski or work on improving your existing technique with a group of adults doing the same thing. Lessons are given on Saturday mornings at the same time and location as the Jackrabbit programs: Killarney Lake at 10:00 am from January 5th to March 2nd, 2019.

The cost of the program is $40 for eight weeks of instruction and registration is available online at zone4.ca. Participants must be members of Wostawea in order to register for lessons.

Please note that there is no adult ski equipment rental program within the City of Fredericton. Radical Edge on Westmorland Street offers competitively priced packages for sale and great advice. If you are looking for second hand equipment, you can post on the community section of Wostawea's Facebook page.

Skate skiing

Skate ski lessons may be offered if there is a demand. Please send an email to wostaweaski@gmail.com if you are interested in skate ski lessons.