Good Short Loop

The main trails are in poor condition. All the grooming we did over the holidays (and the great skiing we had), meant that the trails were very firm before the rain, and they pretty much turned to solid ice. Bob roughed up the highway trail and the main loop in the Woodlot, and experienced skaters who are comfortable with icy conditions might give that a try. There's not much more we'll be able to do before it snows again (hopefully on Tuesday).

The good news is that we put in a a few short loops in virgin snow on the golf course near the lodge. Skating on those loops should be excellent, and while we couldn't set classic track, classic skiing without tracks should be pretty good also. The loops are short - maybe a couple of km - but if you're looking to train before next week's race, it should do the trick.

Update: Rex has made some new trails on the Kingswood golf course and most of those trails now have classic track set as well. Bob had made some more passes in the Woodlot, so the loop there is now pretty reasonable, though still fast and hard, and getting there on the Highway trail and Connector isn't as good. Here's a photo of the Woodlot.