Saturday Plans

The trails turned out pretty well, except for the rut from the one skier who must have figured that it was hardcore to do a loop through the Kingswood trails even though he was sinking in four inches on every stroke. Anyway, coverage is still quite good. Bob will be out early tomorrow to touch things up, so it should be good skiing. Get out if you can - it looks like Sunday and Monday will be hard on the trails again.

Update: The trails will be done by 9;00 and are turning out quite nicely.


Friday Update

Rex is working on the trails now. It turns out that most people stayed off the trails, but one person didn’t. Those tracks are frozen in and can’t be erased at this point. Otherwise, the trails are turning out pretty well. Aside from a few wet spots, and the ruts from that one inconsiderate skier, skiing should be pretty decent by the time Rex is done, later this afternoon.

Please Stay Off the Trails

The grooming team would like to ask everyone to stay off the trails until we get more snow. The trails are very soft and wet now, and using them will leave deep ruts that will freeze hard when the temperature drops. These ruts will be very hard to remove with our grooming equipment. If everyone can stay off the trails, we might be skiing again as soon as we get a bit more snow. But if there are deep ruts, we will likely need to wait until we get another major snowfall.