Wostawea News - December 28, 2015

Hello Wostaweans, post Christmas updates:

Hope that everyone had a great Christmas, with lots of skis and poles under the tree. Here are some updates:

Many of you are waiting to get out on the trails, and want to know when the Wostawea Trails will be groomed. The Wostawea groomers were out today and did a survey, and indicated that they need some more cold weather and snow before they can successfully groom.  Stay tuned. Please check the blog site for updates: http://unbwoodlotski.blogspot.ca. Killarney Lake Trails will be groomed in the New Year.

Access to the Wostawea Trails (UNB Woodlot and Kingswood)

For 2016, Wostawea is encouraging all trail users to access the ski trails at two locations:
1. Lian Street access (details below)
2. Kingswood

UNB has again advised that trails are not to be accessed from the New Maryland highway. Please respect that request.

Also, for 2016, we would request that users no longer access the trails from the Kent entrance on Bishop Drive and, instead, access the trails at either Lian Street (2.5km from Kent entrance) or Kingswood (5km from Kent entrance). With the opening of the roundabout at the top of Smythe, traffic has increased dramatically on Bishop Drive making that access point unsafe.

Lian Street Access

Access is now available off of Lian Street, approximately 400m from the Irving on Bishop Drive. From the Irving, drive approximately 400m on Lian Street, and turn left on an unnamed court. Parking is along the sides of the court. The trailhead is signed. Google maps link is here.

Kingswood Access

The trails may also be accessed at Kingswood. Access this year will be to the right of main lodge (not from the back parking lot as in years past). The trailhead will be signed once grooming commences.

Wostawea Ski Programs

Wostawea ski programs will begin this year on Saturday January 9, 2015. This includes the Jackrabbit, Track Attack and beginner adult ski lessons. Registration for participants is due by Tuesday, January 5.  

Wostaweans get discount at Radical Edge

Wostawea members get a 15% discount on ski wear, and ski waxing equipment from Radical Edge.

Wostawea Registration

Wostawea online registration is now up and running. Please go to this link to register: https://zone4.ca/reg.asp?id=10638

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