Wostawea Jackets - Available To Order Now Until January 30

You can purchase a stylish Wostawea Jacket online: https://ppr.louisgarneau.com/wostawea.

These durable and eye-catching jackets cost $138.38 + HST and come in both men and women's styles as well as a range of sizes. A sizing chart is available for each jacket style or you are welcome to stop a Wostawean wearing one and inquire as to whether you can try theirs on to get a sense of sizing.

We need a minimum of 6 men's and 4 women's jackets ordered for Louis Garneau to do a custom production run, so please consider ordering one!

Once produced, they will be sent to Peta Fussell, Wostawea Communications Coordinator, who will distribute them

You will have until 5pm Monday January 30, 2017, to place your order.