Wostawea and Killarney Lake Trails are GROOMED and ready to ski

The Wostawea Trails and the Killarney Lake Trails have been freshly groomed and in great condition.

The Wostawea Trails can be accessed from the Kingswood Golf Club, 1700 Kingswood Way, Hanwell, near the main lodge.

The Killarney Lake Trails can be accessed next to the Killarney Lake Rotary Lodge, 1600 St. Mary's Street.

We encourage you to comment on conditions on the two blog pages for the Wostawea Trails and the Killarney Lake Trails. To provide a comment or read others' comments, simply click on the title of the blog post.

A big thank you to our volunteer groomers and the City of Fredericton groomers for your hard work in these very cold conditions - you rock!

Happy skiing everyone!