Maritime Cup - Thank you volunteers!

A HUGE thank you to the army of Wostawea volunteers who helped make the Maritime Cup happen on January 20-21.

The event would not have been possible without the following contributions:

•     David Cameron, Race Director, who coordinated the army of volunteers listed below and dealt with every aspect of race planning, from stadium layout, course mapping, volunteer recruitment, trouble-shooting, food ordering…. We can’t thank him enough for the hundreds of hours he has invested in this event over many months.

•    Nick Russon, as Chief of Course, set up courses, installed signage and V boards around the course and took down after the event, and coordinated with the city groomers to get those trails in shape. All this, and he still has a full time job, has other Wostawea duties as part of the executive, and he managed to race as well!

•    Eric Hadley served as Chief of stadium.  A special thank you to Eric for developing the concept for the porta pottie sleigh, building it, and transporting it to the stadium and back out without having any spillage ( at least that we know about!). Eric also organized setting up the stadium, including lots of ferrying stuff to and from the new stadium area. Clark Hamilton, Roly, Rob, Chris, Gerry, and David all helped get the stadium into shape

•    Peter Toner as chief of timing organized the start/finish lines, sorted out timing issues, and organized a great starting/timing crew: Raymond Leger, Ian and Liz Burgess, Paul Lavoie, Rose-Marie Pinet, Ray St. Laurent, Jim Wolstenholme, Stephen Rosenfeld, Roly and Mary-Beth McSorley, Kristie Heard, Don Wright, Sylvette Fortin.

•    Felix Schwartz organized the team of course controllers namely, Trevor Mason Rob Hughes, David Kersey, Jane Hadley, Susan Smith, Brook Martin, Bernie Arseneau, Ernie McGillvray, J.A Molina.  These guys also skied the course immediately before the races to check everything was in order, and to ski in the classic track on Saturday. 

•    Rob Hughes prepared our high quality maps and elevation profiles. He also helped in stadium set up/take down, and served as a controller at the weekend, as part of Felix’s crew.

•    Gerry Bance for his invaluable help in preparing all the course signage, and helping with the set up and take down, even while suffering from a touch of flu.

•    Marie-France Turcotte undertook some of the competition secretary duties, provided some translation responsibilities, sorted out bibs, chips and the medals/ribbons. Ably helped on Saturday by Shelley Pronk and on Sunday by Janice El-Bayoumi.

•    Milda Markauskas and her husband Barry Monson are a great source of volunteeers from all around, and organized volunteers from STU, and from MCFT, in security and support systems such as handing out the hot dogs from the tent.

•    Beth Johnston arranged for, and erected with her volunteers, that pioneer tent in the stadium, to provide warmth and shelter for those who needed it, through OENB and MCFT

•    Sadie Cameron and Barb St Laurent returned again to help at the finish chute, and were ably helped this year by Peter Dickinson, Jean Claude Arcand, some of Mildas volunteers when available, and Damien and Elisemarie Fortin (our youngest volunteers!) to collect bibs/chips and provide drinks.  Also provided of those tissues for those snotty noses when the need was there!

•    Phil Williams for organizing the kitchen on both days, as well as shopping for all those goodies and snacks to complement the food supplied by Edwinas. She was ably helped by Ida Orenbach on both days, Shelley and Toon Pronk  and Elaine Meldrum on Sunday.

•    Neil Russon arranged and picked up the announcing/music system as well as the generator (wasn’t it quiet?), and served as a bib caller for our own “Mr Music” and announcer, the incomparable Robert Morimanno.

•    Peta Fussell provided publicity for the event and would have arranged for the awards to be handed out, if the results had been available in a timely manner.

•    Chris Carson set up the Zone 4 registration site, as well as fielding questions on registration.

•    Danielle Savoie and Paul Jordan for taking so many photographs and freely sharing them.

Finally, a big thank you to Edouard Daigle, the technical delegate, ably assisted by his wife Carole, who also did many hours of post-race work on finalizing the results.