A BIG THANK YOU to the 2018 Wostawea Loppet Volunteers!


If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a small army to organize a loppet. Here’s who you all were and the many ways you helped.

Milda Markauskas got the ball rolling several months ago. Among other things, she recruited Michel Poirier as the lead organizer.

David Cameron, with the help of Nick Russon and Rob Hughes, created the course map. Sébastien Boudreau, Erik Mooers, Nick Russon, David Cameron and Eric Hadley prepared the course signs, set everything up, and took everything down.

Donald Wright ordered food, organized the volunteers, and set up the stadium, among many other tasks.

Chris Carson, Wostawea’s treasurer, oversaw registration on Zone 4. John Ball, Margaret Wicken, Steve Heard, and Andrew Buzzell managed on-site registration and handed out the bibs (which made their debut!).

Robert Morimanno provided the playlists and led us in a warm-up.

John Ball and Felix Schwarz served drinks and cookies at the Lonely Pines Bar and Grill while Jean-Claude Arcand and Andrew Buzzell served drinks in the stadium to both the lappers and the finishers. They were joined by Steve Heard, chief bib-meister. 

Meanwhile, Peter Toner worked his timing magic with his assistants Dan Crouse and Donald Wright.

Providing encouragement to the finishers over the loudspeakers were Kaj “Grasshopper” Jones and Robertson Crouse.

Pierre Boucher provided security and did double duty as sound engineer when he got the sound system figured out.

Two students from the Maritime College of Forest Technology served as first responders. Thankfully they weren’t called into action! But Keylen and Brennen helped in the stadium: moving tables, serving drinks, and, at the end of the day, collecting the V-boards across the park with Eric Hadley.

Kerry-Lee Powell took the lead in the kitchen, setting up the tables, preparing the dessert trays, and making the coffee. She was joined by the tireless and ubiquitous Taeyon Kim and Barb Ramsay.

The fab door prizes were organized by the equally tireless Peta Fussell (who also did the advance advertising and social media).

Finally, a shout out to our good friends at the Radical Edge for their generosity, and to the City of Fredericton for maintaining the trails, grooming them beautifully, and lending us their snowmobile on the day.

Many thanks to all of you for sharing your time and talents and for making this year’s Wostawea loppet such a success for the club and for our 140 participants. We couldn’t have done it without you!

With gratitude,

Donald, Michel, and John