Wostawea Remembers Robert Morimanno

The Wostawea community is remembering Robert Morimanno who passed away on October 2, 2019, frombrain cancer.


Robert embodied the spirit of Wostawea, passing on his love of skiing, the outdoors, and most of all of people through his leadership roles in the Jackrabbit program and the racing team.

He and his wife Laura pioneered the group warm-up that has become such a fun and welcome staple of Saturday morning lessons, and his son Pascal and Laura have continued that tradition. On any given winter Saturday morning at 10am at Killarney Park, you will see close to 200 people moving and shaking prior to skiing... no matter what the temperature!

Robert was a terrific Level 4 coach for many years, a driving force alongside Eric Luiker in the early years of the racing team, and a spirited and entertaining announcer at our cross country skiing events, including this year’s Maritime Cup.

He also served on the Wostawea Executive as a highly effective and well-organized treasurer from 2010 to 2016, a period of growth and new ventures for the club.

Most of all, we’ll all remember him as being a great deal of fun — warm, creative, good-humoured, and always excellent company.

Rest in peace Robert. And strength and love to Laura, Pascal and Caleb. Your Wostawea family embraces you.

2018-02-17 Robert 1.jpg