Every Thursday afternoon from January 3rd to March 14th, a group ski is hosted by Wostawea for senior skiers. Skiers gather in the basement of Killarney Lake Lodge (1600 St. Mary’s Street) between 1:30 and 4:00. Trail guide skiers lead the ski with a mix of faster, average and slower speeds so that no one is on their own, unless they want to be of course.

The purpose of the Senior Ski Tours is to have fun, make new friends, get a bit of a workout and to be with others who like to ski. The group will partake of hot chocolate, tea and goodies downstairs in the lodge at the end of the ski tour.

The 2019 Senior Ski Tours start on January 3rd and finish on March 14th. If the weekly group ski is cancelled because of poor weather, a notice will be posted on the Wostawea Facebook site.

For information, please contact Ernest Macgillivary by telephone: 506-220-0575 or email Ernest at .