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Wostawea maintains a network of trails on the western side of the UNB Woodlot and on Kingswood Golf Course. Wostawea has agreements with both of these parties to allow us to use, and groom ski trails on their respective properties. Wostawea is grateful to the University of New Brunswick and Kingswood for the use of their lands and continued support.

The club also runs many of its programs out of the Killarney Lake Park and Lodge, where there is an extensive network of cross country ski trails that are groomed by the city of Fredericton. Many thanks as well to these city and its staff.

The following are groomed trails in the Fredericton region or within a 2 to 3 hour drive of Fredericton. For information on trail conditions in the woodlot/Kingswood, Killarney, or other local trails, please check out, or better yet, contribute to, our Trails blog. If you have questions about any trails in the region, ask about them on the blog, or the Wostawea Facebook page.

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Crabbe Mountain Slippery Mitten Trails
Embree Loops
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Central Hainesville Conditions
Fundy National Park Trail map Alma Conditions
Killarney Lake Park Trail map Fredericton 506-460-2881
Kouchibouguac National Park Trail map Saint-Louis-de-Kent Conditions
Lindsay Valley   CFB Gagetown 422-2000 ext:7310
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Maine Nordic
Heritage Sport Club
Trail map Presque Isle ME Conditions
Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club Trail map Nelson-Miramichi Conditions
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Fredericton 506-460-2881
Wostawea Trails Trail map (small)
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Wostawea in the UNB Woodlot

In 2004 Wostawea began grooming the existing roads on the western side of the UNB Woodlot for cross-country skiing, and more recently, with the permission of UNB and Kingswood, cut a connector trail from the Woodlot to Kingswood to allow the expansion of trails to Kingswood. Since then, the Club has progressively worked at expanding and improving the quality of ski trails within the Woodlot and Kingswood.

Now, skiers from all over enjoy some 20 kms of trails groomed for skating and classic skiing with some of the best skiing conditions available anywhere. Your membership fee and donations make the grooming and maintenance of these trails possible.

Please note that while Wostawea's agreement with UNB allows the club to groom the roads in the western portion of the UNB Woodlot as ski trails, we do not have the exclusive use of these trails and cannot exclude other users. While we try to discourage others from using the Woodlot in a manner that negatively affects the grooming of the trails, please be respectful of the fact that others have the right to use the Woodlot as well.

If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the woodlot or notices some problem please contact the Club's trail coordinator

Parking and accessing the Woodlot trails

Kent entrance/ Bishop Drive construction developments - As most members are likely aware, the City has completed the first phase of an expansion to Bishop Drive. This expansion has added two additional lanes to Bishop Drive where the club typically accesses the ski trails at the Kent entrance, and has eliminated parking on the woodlot side of Bishop Drive. Given this change, Wostawea is encouraging all members to access the ski trails at Kingswood. We are working on improving the trail head at Kingswood to make it more visible and accessible. We are also working on providing an alternate point of access to the Woodlot.

We understand that the Bishop Drive expansion will continue next summer with extension of Smythe Street to Bishop Drive which, when complete, will likely introduce a significant additional volume of traffic to Bishop Drive. However, it is our understanding at this time that traffic lights may be installed at the entrance to the Kent store, which may again provide safe access to the woodlot trails from Bishop Drive.

NOTE - For your safety and the safety of other motorists, Wostawea together with the University of New Brunswick strongly discourage skiers from parking along the New Maryland Highway to access the ski trails.

How soon can I ski after the trails are groomed?

After the trails are first groomed they remain soft until they have "set up." This is particularly important for the skate surface, which takes several hours to set up. If you skate on the trails before the surface has set up, you will sink into the surface - and then the ruts that you leave will set up themselves! This will ruin the surface for everyone else - and for you, the next time you come out. The woodlot is groomed by volunteers and we cannot come out to repair a damaged surface. For current information about readiness of the trails for skiing, please check the Trails blog. After we groom we will provide an estimated time when it will be ready for skiing. But remember - this is only an estimate. If you get to the woodlot and find that you are sinking in to the surface PLEASE LEAVE AND COME BACK LATER. It's not that much fun skiing on a soft surface anyway. If you really don't want to come out twice, just give yourself a bit of extra time before you come out.

The classic track sets up faster, because more pressure is applied by the track setter. Ideally skiers should wait an hour or two, but the classic track is usually ready to ski on soon after it is groomed. But again, if you find yourself sinking in and damaging the surface, please come back later.

Trail Etiquette