No Grooming Saturday

There will be no grooming tomorrow (Saturday) because of the warm weather and rain. You can go and ski if you want, but use your judgment if you’re sinking in too deeply. The groomers will be out again on Sunday.. The extra moisture in the snow should actually improve the surface once temperatures drop; if the forecast holds, it will be a beautiful week of skiing.

Saturday Plans

Rex and Bob will start grooming tomorrow morning. If it’s not rutted, we’re hoping it will turn out pretty well, though it will likely be too hard to redo the classic tracks.

Update: The skate surface is turning out very well. There is some classic track left in the Woodlot, but the track in Kingswood has melted. It won’t be possible to set new classic tracks until we get more snow.


Wednesday Grooming

Rex and Bob are going to go out grooming first thing tomorrow morning. If everyone stayed off the trails, and it doesn’t freeze too hard, we hoping conditions will be very good.

Update: The trails are frozen and hard to groom, but they are turning out ok for skating. It is not possible to set classic track. Skate conditions will be icy and fast. Good for experienced skiers, maybe not so good for a beginner. Will be all ready to go by noon.