More Grooming Monday

Conditions were good today until the sun hit. Bob will be going out tomorrow (Monday) morning. He will groom just one trail through Kingswood, across the gold course and up the second hill, but he will do all of the Woodlot trails. With a forecast high of -1, skate conditions should be very good all day, though it will soften up in the sun. It will not be possible to set classic tracks, but you can of course classic on the skate surface.

Update: Bob has finished grooming and reports that the surface is hard packed with a bit of loose snow on top. Should be fast and fun, hopefully for most of the day.


Sunday Grooming

Rex is out grooming now, but I haven’t had a report from him yet, so I’m not sure how it’s turning out. Apparently there were some deep ruts from Saturday skiers. The start area has been snowblown, so skiers will have to walk 75m to the starter hut. Follow the groomed trail across the golf course - the highway trail hasn’t been done.

Near the End of the Grooming Season

Conditions were great today, and Rex and Bob will be out again tomorrow (Wed) starting around 9, and should be done by noon. Get out if you can - there won’t be many days of grooming left. While there is still lots of base, Kingswood will be clearing more of the cart paths to prepare the golf course, and that makes it hard to get the equipment through. The days are starting to get warm enough that grooming is not really worthwhile in any event.

Please Stay Off the Trails Today and Saturday

With the sustained warm temperatures, the trails will be soft enough that any skiers will certainly leave ruts on the trails. The water content from the rain means that the ruts will freeze hard once temperatures drop. Bob and Rex will go out on Sunday morning to assess what can be done, but any significant ruts will probably make it impossible to groom for the rest of the week. So please stay off the trails. If you need to ski, go to Killarney instead. The power tiller on the PistenBully can deal with ruts much better than the Ginzu we use at Kingswood / Woodlot.

Plans for the Week

With the messy weather, the groomers will not go out tomorrow. Go ahead and ski if you want, though. The current plan is to groom again on Tuesday morning.

Grooming will be a bit more irregular as we near the end of the season. On a warm day it may not make sense to spend hours groom in the morning when everything will be soft by noon anyway. The groomers will make the call on a day to day basis as to whether grooming will be worthwhile.