Kingswood and UNB WOODLOT

Wostawea maintains a network of trails on the western side of the UNB Woodlot and on Kingswood Golf Course. Wostawea has agreements with both of these parties to allow us to use and groom ski trails on their respective properties. Wostawea is grateful to the University of New Brunswick and to Kingswood for the use of their lands and for their continued support. A small team of dedicated volunteers does all the grooming; they lay classic tracks and a skate surface on all trails whenever snow and weather conditions permit.

Recommended Access

Start your ski from one of two places: (1) just behind the Kingswood lodge (the building on the left as you enter, with Sam Snead’s Grill); or (2) Lian Street (new groomed connector trail to Woodlot).

For safety reasons, Wostawea STRONGLY DISCOURAGES skiers from parking at Kent’s and crossing Bishop Drive to the trailhead across the street, or from parking on the west side of the New Maryland Highway.  


Wostawea in the UNB Woodlot

In 2004 Wostawea began grooming the existing roads on the western side of the UNB Woodlot for cross-country skiing, and more recently, with the permission of UNB and Kingswood, cut a connector trail from the Woodlot to Kingswood to allow the expansion of trails to Kingswood. Since then, the Club has progressively worked at expanding and improving the quality of ski trails within the Woodlot and Kingswood.

Now, skiers enjoy 20 kms of trails groomed for skating and classic skiing, with some of the best skiing conditions available anywhere. Membership fee and donations make the grooming and maintenance of these trails possible.

Please note that while Wostawea's agreement with UNB allows the club to groom the roads in the western portion of the UNB Woodlot as ski trails, we do not have the exclusive use of these trails and cannot exclude other users. While we try to discourage others from using the Woodlot in a manner that negatively affects the grooming of the trails, please be respectful of the fact that others have the right to use the Woodlot as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Woodlot or notice some problem, please contact the Club's trail coordinator .