• For skate skiers, the most important part of trail etiquette is to avoid skiing right after grooming when the surface is soft (more detail below as to when it is appropriate to ski);

  • For skate skiers, please take care not to damage the classic track;

  • The faster skier has right of way. If you are coming up behind a slower skier, call out "Track," or even better "Track, please" to let them know to move to one side to let you pass;

  • If you are being passed: as a skate skier, move to one side and narrow your stride or double pole for a few seconds to give the other skate skier room to pass; as a classic skier, step out of the track and allow the other classic skier to pass;

  • Any skier coming down a hill has the right of way, please give them lots of space;

  • If you notice a branch, rock or other item on a trail, please stop and move it off;

  • Don't leave garbage on the trails;

  • Please leave your dog at home - we all love dogs, but they cause significant damage to the trails which volunteers spend hundreds of hours per winter grooming for skiing, not your dog's exercise;

  • Have fun; greet other skiers with a friendly Wostawean smile!


After the trails are groomed they remain soft until they have "set up" - that is the snow flakes have frozen together in a lattice. This is particularly important for the skate surface, which takes several hours to set up. If you skate on the trails before the surface has set up, you will sink into the surface — and then the ruts that you leave will set up (freeze) themselves! This will ruin the surface for everyone else — and for you, the next time you come out. The woodlot is groomed by volunteers, and we cannot come out to repair a damaged surface.

The classic track sets up faster, because the track setter applies more pressure. Ideally skiers should wait an hour or two, but the classic track is usually ready to ski on soon after it is groomed. But again, if you find yourself sinking in and damaging the surface, please come back later.

For current information about readiness of the trails for skiing, please check the Trails blog. After we groom we will provide an estimated time when it will be ready for skiing. But remember - this is only an estimate. If you get to the Woodlot and find that you are sinking in to the surface PLEASE LEAVE AND COME BACK LATER. It's not that much fun skiing on a soft surface anyway. If you really don't want to come out twice, just give yourself a bit of extra time before you come out.