So what can I expect at a loppet?

The word loppet is Scandinavian in origin and means a mass participation cross-country ski event designed for skiers of all ages and abilities. Think of it as a fun run on skis. The idea is to get out there with other like-minded, fun-loving people who like to ski and have a good time. It is a great opportunity to meet other club members —and even others who may have travelled here from other parts of the province.

While some skiers will want to race around the course and test themselves over a certain distance, most will just want to achieve a personal goal. Have you ever wondered if you could ski 3, 9, 15 or 30km? This is the time to try. Whether you are an adult just learning to ski, a youngster just finding their ski legs, or a seasoned and weathered skier, this is an event for all.

You’ll need to register, preferably ahead of time online, or the morning of the loppet at Killarney lodge prior to the start. At the lodge, you will receive a bib, so wear it proudly during the event, and hand it back in at the finish. If you need advice on waxing for the day, someone will be around in the basement of the lodge to show you how. Wostawea loppets usually attract one hundred or more skiers – with all those people, we can show the City that cross-country skiing is alive and well!!

There will be a mass start – faster skiers at the front, slower ones at the back – and at the signal, off you go! The courses will be colour coded – just follow the coloured course symbols (for the distance you have registered for), which are mounted on stakes in the snow alongside the trail. The trails will be groomed for classic skiing with one or two sets of tracks at all points. 

We will have set up a couple of feeding stations – one at the furthest point of the course, and another back at the stadium start/lap/finish area. At the feeding station, there will be a warm drink and some treats.

When you have finished, a hot meal and drinks await you in the lodge, and you can share your experiences with fellow skiers and enjoy the camaraderie! Enjoy the glow and the feeling of accomplishment. 

There are no awards for the fastest skiers, but times will be posted for all skiers (unless you request not to be timed). There are some wonderful prizes, drawn by bib number so all participants have a chance to win. After lunch, some may even continue the revelry by retiring to the local taproom for refreshments of a different kind.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an old loppet hand, we hope to see you at the Wostawea loppet on February 11!